I specialize in providing meticulously crafted visual experiences to both brands and individuals.

My exclusive focus lies in collaborating with compassionate individuals who adhere to the principle of 'Survival of the kindest'.

And people who possess a discerning sense of humor and appreciate the value of receiving not merely what they desire, but what they truly require for success in their respective domains.

With two decades of freelancing experience under my belt, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of clients, spanning from corporate behemoths to fledgling enterprises. Each engagement has enriched my journey, and I eagerly anticipate the prospect of future projects or ventures.

Please understand that while I am passionate about my craft, I do not offer pro bono services nor do I accept projects that undervalue the expertise and effort invested. As a provider, I have responsibilities to fulfill and dependents to support.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations or simply an aventure. Feel free to reach out :)


I offer services in the following disciplines:

Art Direction
Graphic design
Concept & ideas

Graphic design
Concept & ideas 
Art Direction

Concept & ideas
Art Direction
Graphic design

Those who have either met, worked, collaborated with, disliked, or loved me have this to say:

"Frode is super talented, but he needs some beatings..."
— Chrisitan Nielsen, Creative Director

"Frode is a thoroughbred idea creature: graceful and creative even at full gallop."
— Anders Harboe, Client

"Frode, you are a madman. I know it's in the pursuit of art...but I trust you and explained you we're not in the business of getting involved in anything cruelty-related."
— Barney Greenway, Client


"You are so thoughtful and lovely to work with. It has been a great experience and journey working with you 😊 so so grateful to have you in our team; and I’m really looking forward to boosting the 2022 together."
— Barbara Cipoletta, Client

“Onto the mindblowing artwork, and boy are you in for a treat with the Special Edition. The artwork is very simplistic, yet striking.”
— Ondeafears3, Blogger

"We wanted to work with him, and he was really enthusiastic. We are very happy with his work; he was able to express the different emotions in the record."
— Aqme, Client

“…Can’t get over the throwback artwork. So great. .”
— Christian Bair, Blogger

"... can you believe that I'm not even listed as a friend on your site, and it's Erik Skov, of all people. What a sad jerk."
— Christian Ramsø, Colleague

"Frode is without a doubt the most creative and out-of-the-box thinking person you can work with. A creative input and spark that makes the world a much more enjoyable place to be."
— Karsten Sand, Illustrator

"Just to inform you that we have delivered the x to the client and he is really happy about it. He already shared it with his partners who love it as well.
Well done Frode and thanks for your great work !"
— Marjorie Satgé Lopez, Client

“… hate the shitty photo montage the band elected to use as visual representation of said title. It looks like the band took 11 minutes while hung over on a Sunday to create the cover, and if I were a less forgiving sonofabitch, I’d carry my dour feelings about their lack of aesthetic effort over to the music. ”
— Kevin Stewart-Panko,Journalist Decibel

“It’s a weird affair directed by one Frode Sylthe. Not your usual mix of live footage with studio shoots, but footage shot explicitely for the video, with the images replayed in a cartoon-ish black ‘n’ white style. Of course, this makes a posibility for ad- ditional effects, which the guys clearly needed. I’m sure you’ll be able to see it soon on most of the music channels, so look out for this wacky clip! No rating, although it deserves credit for its unorthodox approach!”
— Tony, Journalist

"Frode has been the driving force behind the visual expression in several of my projects, including the design of websites and artwork for vinyl singles. It's rarely the most obvious but often the most functional ideas that Frode presents. Frode is a true original who, with creative freedom, accomplishes absolutely unique things."
— Thomas Grønkjær, Client

"Just wanted to say thanks for landing the creative concept for us on x video. I think it landed in a good place.
Have a good one and thanks for the collaboration"
— Peter Brask, Client


“They are scary. And that’s really what it should be like. They really complement the music and give the records that extra thing. He’s really worked it out of the lyrics as well, you know. I’m really proud that he’s done the artwork. Yeah, I have to say this once again: I am so impressed and proud that he even wanted to do this, because it’s an amazing artwork.”
— Peter Dolving, Client

"Frode is a warm, positive, and highly engaged person who is curious and enjoys exploring and trying out new things. He has many fun and creative ideas – the wilder and quirkier, the better. You always feel special in his company. Frode is helpful and considerate with a delightful and infectious sense of humor and a festive disposition. Very loyal, fun, and inspiring."
— Gudny Arge, Client

"The final video looks amazing!Possibly my most favorite x Video ever; huge kudos to you and the team The x Video is final approved.Thank you for your hard work!"
— Nin, Client

“…That’s killer Frode, Thanks for being a part of it all, you did a great job, and really worked hard on this, and it shows it man! Touching it really is man!.”
— Mitch Harris, Client

"Suits you perfectly .... Except that you are neither outgoing, service-minded, energetic, flexible, punctual, responsible, proactive, nor initiative-driven..... On the other hand, you might be a good colleague... for other socially challenged individuals... ;)."
— Arne Noack, Friend

"Whether it's been for tapas at Madrid Airport, in Uruguay without sleep, in Rudeskov with too much clothing for the weather, arranging millions of dominoes into meaningful rows, with Christmas beer and steak tartare, with undeserved night work on a skiing trip, with potato psychopaths on paper, with possible and impossible clients, Mr. Indoor, the Ship Mayor, and the Heavy Chef. It has been a pleasure."
— Jan Sverker, Colleague

"I think Frode is super cool. He kicks ass while thinking things through."
— Jesper Holme, Strategic Planner

"My own sweetheart is a visionary initiator and taskmaster."
— Linda Gildberg, Girlfriend

"Frode is such a kind boy."
— Mom


I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of clients over the past few years.
While the list is extensive and not presented in any particular order, here are some of them:

Carlsberg Breweries A/S
Amnesty International Denmark
Danish Red Cross Youth
Century media Germany
Regain Records
SpV Gmbh
The Haunted
Ekstra Bladet
LEGO systems

Coca-cola Nordic
Københavns Kommune
Frederiksberg Kommune
Det Blå Danmark
Totalt Javla Mörker
Hanky-Panky Condoms
At the Gates
Napalm Death
Crossfit Copenhagen
Envision It

Garderne Forsikring
MBK Konferencecenter
Dark Sky Burial
Inqlude IT
Pharma Equity Group
Venemous concept
tryg forsikring
Kitchen & Co
Børns Vilkår